When we are open to learning…

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Ahh! The steam and ferment that is Singapore. Global melting pot, food mecca and playground for Asia.

I have just returned from facilitating professional development workshops with my peers from across Asia and Oceania – what a wonderful experience. to explore and test ideas with others who work in different contexts and bring diverse cultural perspectives to their understanding of how groups work. The workshops provided the opportunity to explore and reflect on the aspects of our selves that we draw on when we work with groups.  This kind of reflection requires courage and discipline to dive beneath the surface where the water can get murky and often we can’t even see in front of our face.  But the rewards are there if you can sit with the discomfort of not always knowing the answers immediately and grappling with both the familiar and the less-familiar aspects of yourself. For many participants by the end of the session there was a sense of satisfaction that they had ‘come home’ to them selves. For some this was identifying and accepting their unique style and approach, for others the opportunity to take the next step in developing confidence in their facilitation and for some greater clarity about their own values and strengths as a facilitator.

My own learnings relate to the importance of on-going self-reflection to continue to check and re-calibrate our work against our values. I really saw the value of this in a group of people who were willing to ask challenging questions of themselves and each other and use their own knowledge and experience to strengthen their capacity. What is your own process for self-reflection? What peer networks support you in your professional growth?



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