“Thank you Michelle for your skilful facilitation at our recent building healthy and active communities forum.  This is the fourth time that the Heart Foundation team have called on your services and you never disappoint! I am always impressed with your meticulous planning and engagement with us  prior to the event to ensure that it will deliver the intended outcomes in a way that is engaging and interactive. Your capacity to generate interest and engagement by participants whether they are professionals or community members is impressive and you seamlessly manage to get to the place where we want to be at the end of the session/event, despite some challenges along the way ! I value your clarity and focus as well as your sound advice on how to implement the session or workshop so that we can achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.Thanks Michelle, good work and a good result.”

Kellie-Ann Jolly

Director Cardiovascular Health

Heart Foundation (Vic)

“Your involvement as Community Consultation facilitator was a key to this successful process and outcome.”

Rob Moore
Manager Urban Design and Docklands Branch
City of Melbourne.

“During our community engagement project, Michelle was meticulous and timely with planning and delivery and warm and generous with advice and mentoring.  We were impressed with her skilful facilitation at community events and with the feedback she was able to capture!  Her work helped us frame a vision for future development which had both broad community confidence and unanimous Council support.  A great outcome!  As part of the process, Michelle developed a unique approach for engaging with young people and CALD communities which is regarded as some of the best work undertaken for Council.  Our team continues to benefit from the many community engagement ‘gems’ which we learnt working with her.”

Kylie Long
Senior Strategic Planner City of Darebin

Michelle, thank you for the guidance and advice you provided during our community consultation process. We are grateful to you for challenging us to elevate our thinking about community consultation to a level which is totally transparent and respectful of the varying needs within the community. The consultation strategy you assisted us in developing has provided our team with a pathway to continued honest and engaging community dialogue. Your practical and efficient approach has enabled us to build effective relationships with community stakeholders and to continue to meet our planning and development milestones for the project.

Peter Mirkov

Chief Executive Officer Renex Group

Collaborations …brings a level of professional enquiry and personal commitment that helps to ensure that all relevant aspects involving the social and community components of a project are addressed.

John Henshall
Essential Economics

Thank you for your excellent facilitation yesterday….you managed it very well, with dignity for everyone. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

Deborah Chemke
Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure