"At 52,

At 30,

I am not afraid of the difficult truths,

that bring us home,

to be comfortable in out own skin.

We choose to walk together."

Michelle Howard and Melissa Greenwood have been working together across generations and cultures to understand what supports strong intercultural relationships. To work together we need to understand and own our stories. We need to be aware of our values, beliefs, attitudes and cultural connections – the strengths and blind spots that we carry with us. As we own our own stories then we can build connections with others, establishing common ground and exploring how we can walk together.

Melissa is a descendant of the Bundjalung and Gumbayngirr and Dunghutti clans of NSW, her mother Lauren Jarrett was taken from her family as a nine-year-old. Michelle was born in Palawa country and raised as a Quaker with Scottish heritage, curious about the Tasmanian past. Shared values and aspirations for a different future between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians have led us to develop the "Walking Together" process.

Based on the UNESCO elements of intercultural capacity (respect, self-awareness, listening, self-reflection, flexibility, relationship building and cultural humility) we use creative techniques to explore cultural connections and identity, break open some cultural assumptions, build understanding of the experience of Indigenous Australians and explore culture as a way to support dialogue and healing.

For our full-day workshops this can include cultural activites such as traditional Aboriginal basket weaving with Lauren Jarrett.

"Walking Together" is a process that suits individuals who want to build their own capacity to work in an intercultural context or teams that want to support stronger inter-cultural relationships between team members or with client groups.

We look forward to sharing the "Walking Together" experience with you. Please email info@collaborations.com.au for more information.


  Walking Together
Walking Together
Walking Together