The Authentic Facilitator:
A deep dive into working with groups.

“The Authentic Facilitator was run with real professionalism and authenticity to create the perfect environment for reflection and learning. It is relevant to any professional working with groups and was conducted in a really accessible and grounded way. The workshop process has been thought through in detail, drawing on Michelle’s many years of personal and professional experience.”

2014 Workshop participant

The Authentic Facilitator is a professional development opportunity for anyone who leads, supports, teaches, trains or facilitates. Your strength, capacity and flexibility to work with a group grows from three important elements:


These elements combine to give you your unique style and edge, your point of difference. It is only when you understand and develop each of these elements that you can be at your best with clients and groups. So what are the qualities and attributes that we consistently bring to our work with groups? What do we find if we take the time and space to reflect and critique our experience as facilitators? What aspects of our selves do we call on to be the ‘best that we can be’ in diverse and difficult circumstances?

The Authentic Facilitator provides a framework to identify and craft the particular attributes that YOU bring to working with groups. This is a workshop is for people who have experience working with groups and want to reflect more deeply on their facilitation practice.

Through this workshop you will:

  • Identify the unique attributes that you bring to working with groups to build your confidence and personal style.
  • Learn how to better manage yourself in diverse and challenging group situations.
  • Develop your responsiveness to different group situations and needs.
  • Establish strategies for a reflective practice and your on-going learning and professional development.

Our time together will involve dialogue groups, questioning frameworks and creative techniques to focus your understanding of how you work best and enrich your approach to working effectively with different groups. Bring with you a sense of inquiry, a willingness to play, a desire to take your facilitation to the next level and enrich your working life.

Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power.

Workshops are held throughout the year and include a complimentary copy of “Lessons from the Trough: working authentically with people and groups.”

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What participants say:

Michelle is an inspiring presenter and a great facilitator. Her approach is creative, engaging and restorative. I now have a renewed appreciation of and enthusiasm for my facilitation life.
Management consultant and academic, Wisconsin


Thank you Michelle, I really enjoyed the self-discovery and time for reflection which helped unlock the qualities I have that form a strong foundation for managing challenging situations and seeing the gifts these provide.
Communications Director, Melbourne


The Authentic Facilitator was inspiring and reminded me to value the different aspects of myself that I bring to my teaching. In this way, I am then able to step out of the way of my students’ own learning and growth and provide a supportive space for them to ‘be at their best’.
Yoga teacher, Melbourne

Previously, I had the view that one needed to be ‘on’, ‘big’, ‘loud’, ‘confident’, ‘dominating’, to lead a group successfully. This workshop helped me appreciate the unique experiences that I bring to facilitation work so that I can be more authentic, or more ‘me’ in my practice. Such an important and inspiring experience!
Public Sector manager, Vancouver