Lessons from the Trough: working authentically with people and groups

By Michelle Howard

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The most valuable investment in my own practice and learning for ages. Authentic, generous, instructive and supportive. The learnings have been with me ever since as I help diverse groups have conversations and work through tricky issues.”
Independent facilitator, Melbourne

“Michelle held the space for me to do some deep reflective work that has greatly transformed the way I facilitate and held space for others as well. This is one of the most regularly used workbooks I have from all the training I have attended.”
Organisational Development specialist, Singapore

“In my work as a leadership coach, learning to distinguish between being and doing has been transformative for myself and my clients.”
Leadership Coach, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Do you work with people as a facilitator, group leader, trainer or manager?

Do you want to deepen your understanding of working effectively with groups?

For a while I have thought about the richness and diversity of my experience working with groups. In the past 30 years I have learnt a lot about myself and how I can be at my best when I work in group situations. There is plenty of training and resource material around about facilitation tools and techniques. I want to share something different with you, about the self-awareness and understanding that I think supports really skilled and effective facilitation.

So after much prodding from colleagues and friends I am excited to offer you “Lessons from the Trough: working authentically with people and groups”. This book is a professional development resource for anyone who works in group situations.

In Lessons from the Trough, I relate six stories of experiences that powerfully influenced me and I hope will support you to discover one of the most important tools you have as a facilitator of groups – yourself. Each story addresses a different challenge. The situations may be different form your own, but the challenges will be familiar:

  • a carefully designed meeting process that isn’t working
  • a person in a position of power trying to dominate a group
  • a group of people with very different interests and little common ground
  • individuals and organisations managing change

Designed as a journal for your own learning and reflection, each story is followed by questions to help you to go deeper into your own experiences and gain new insights for your own practice.

“Lessons from the Trough” has been developed for both independent learners and workshop-based professional development. So you can enjoy a copy of the book yourself, or join a workshop and learn with your peers.

If you would like to attend an “The Authentic Facilitator” workshop with your peers and receive a complementary copy of the book, please follow this link to find a workshop in your state or local area:

Lessons from the Trough offers an accelerated journey into the heart of your facilitation practice, where your own deep wisdom lies. From that place, you’re better able to help people uncover their own deep wisdom and strength. I hope that you will return to Lessons from the Trough again and again to enrich and renew your practice.


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