Bloom Where You Are Planted!


Warm air and the Autumn rain worked magic with the fertile contents of the chook shed outside our meeting room door at Ceres. The trust and goodwill of the workshop participants created exactly the right conditions for magic to happen inside the room! A diverse collection of people working in justice, Indigenous health, youth work, community organisations, corporate sector, coaching and training. We unpicked and rewove the key threads of our selves and related these qualities to our work as facilitators. As one  participant said, “I expected the formula for being a good facilitator, ‘one open ended question followed by a closed question equals good facilitation! Now I know that is not what’s important”. The courage to really know and be ourselves with a group was central to the conversation. “I’ve always been an objectives and outcome focussed, I think I need to get out of my head and into my heart!” was one insight offered.

This is slow and challenging work to sift through all those layers of who we think we are and should be, to identify the things that really matter the gifts that we alone bring to our facilitation. The work is on-going and the group expressed an interest in continue the conversation about authenticity andhow energising to work in a way that is true to our values and strengths. “It seems to me that each of us belongs to the world in a very particular way, and that we learn slowly to live out that way of belonging as a faith that can be stronger than any religious dogma. I do not think this is a selfish road; I believe that this is the only authentic way we can give of our self and our gifts to others. This is how we learn to be generous. And it is also how we learn the magnificence and difficulty of living a corageous life.” David Whyte



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