Monthly Archives: February 2019

Working Together Way

After a powerful and positive response from out participants in Melbourne, I am excited to be taking this transformative workshop ‘on the road’ with my friend and colleague Carol Vale. Carol is a Dunghutti woman from New South Wales, founder and Director of Murawin Consulting, together we are committed to supporting a new way forward for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Working Together Way provides an opportunity to reflect on the barriers and bridges for working across cultures,histories and generations. In the spirit of Makarrata we provide a safe place for the courage,humility, stories and truth telling that help us to build a new way forward.

This is a workshop for anyone who wants to build their capacity to work interculturally and actively contribute to a strong,inclusive and proud future.
Our approach is based on peer learning and respect for the knowledge and experience of all participants.

Together we will:

♥ Reflect on our own cultural strengths and blind spots.
♥ Identify what enables us to engage and work effectively in the spirit of Makarrata.
♥ Lay a path for Working Together Ways.

Be Part of   the change! Join us in Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart or Melbourne. Details and bookings