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Bringing our whole selves to our facilitation practice

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“The question we most commonly ask is the ‘what’ question – what shall I do? When the conversation goes a bit deeper we ask the ‘how’ question – what skills do I need to accomplish my task or goal? Occasionally we go a bit deeper and ask the ‘why’ question – for what purpose and to what ends do I seek to accomplish this goal? But seldom, if ever, do we ask the who question – who is the self that I bring to this work? How does the quality of my selfhood form – or deform – the way I relate to my work, my collaegues, my world?” (adapted from Parker J Palmer)

Facilitation is much more than a set of techniques or skills, it is our presence and our ‘being’ that defines who we are as facilitators. It is through our being not our doing, that we ‘hold space’ in a way that groups can do the work they need to do together. So what is it that we consistently bring to our work with groups? What aspects of ourselves do we call on to be the ‘best that we can be’ in diverse and difficult circumstances?

At the AFN  national conference last year I ran a half-day workshop exploring these ideas – not to teach or promote a new technique, but to deepen our knowledge of who we are as facilitators and how to bring a strong sense of our ‘being’ into our facilitation practice.  The feedback from participants was overwhelming. Many people wanted to spend more time exploring and building their awareness of how to bring greater authenticity to their work.  So in march next year I will be running a full day workshop using a range of creative and contemplative activities to explore our key values, the strengths and vulnerabilities and other aspects of our whole selves that we bring to our facilitation and life.

Please email collaborations through the contact page if you would like more information about this exciting 2014 workshop.