Monthly Archives: November 2013

There is a crack in everything


“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”
(Leonard Cohen)

On Saturday night Leonard Cohen reminded me in his concert of how, if we allow it, our greatest insights are often from when things don’t go as we expected. That beauty is a flawed thing and believing in perfection really gets us stuck!

This week a brave group of facilitators gathered to hold their flaws and triumphs up to the light and see what shone through. It is tough to go public on your stuff-ups and bombs – perhaps even tougher for some of us to acknowledge where things really worked and our contribution to that resonance.

So the learning for me from our VFN meeting was to keep stripping things back. Look for the light shining through the cracks and relish any gifts or unpolished gems. And also – that peer learning is a great thing!


Victorian Facilitator’s Network goes Southside for November!


18th November 6.00pm at the Palace Hotel 505 City Rd South Melbourne

“Celebrating our spectacular successes and awesome failures!” with Lose the Plot

What a roller coaster year it has been. From consultation on major government projects to emerging local activism. From strategic panning to team building. Facilitators everywhere you look!

In November the VFN will welcome the team from Lose the Plot to work with improvisation and storytelling to explore our spectacular successes and failures form 2013. This will be an interactive, dynamic group experience using improvisation, performance and storytelling – a chance to reflect, share our stories and experiences as facilitators. Share a drink and a meal and of course your wisdom – what have we learnt bout ourselves and facilitation?

Be brave, be reflective. Share and learn from others. It’s time to have a laugh at ourselves as well as celebrate the great work that we do.

Come and test out our new Southside venue, upstairs at “The Palace Hotel” – accessible by light rail (St Kilda or Port Melbourne) and bus – as we aim to alternate our monthly gatherings north or south of the river!

No RSVP required.